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A sleepy driver is blamed for an accident on I-95 this morning.

A sleepy driver is blamed for an accident on I-95 this morning.

On behalf of Medina Law Firm posted in Brevard County

Florida Highway Patrol stated a sleepy driver was the cause of a crash on I-95. A Toyota Camry headed north on I-95 and the driver fell asleep and turned into the guardrail. The car bounced off the guardrail and came to rest in the center lane of I-95 facing south. Then a tractor-trailer headed northbound in the center lane but the driver did not see the Camry in time to stop. The tractor-trailer hit the Camry and then flipped onto the right shoulder. A third vehicle was also involved but nobody was seriously injured. The trailer was full of Mother’s Day flowers and had to be unloaded before they could flip it upright. The driver of the Camry was ticketed for careless driving.

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